Casamera: The Bathrobe, Redefined

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A rugged, ultra-cozy upgrade to leisurewear for year-round comfort.

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Denim Blue Robe 🔵 + Early Birds Ending + Stretch Goal Unlocked
3 months ago – Thu, Mar 04, 2021 at 07:28:20 PM

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Our newest project is now LIVE on Kickstarter💥
4 months ago – Thu, Feb 18, 2021 at 08:16:29 PM

Hey all!

Big day today! We just launched our third Kickstarter campaign for the new and upgraded Casamera Towel.

It's a rugged + airy bath towel that dries like its job depended on it. It’s meticulously crafted from the same high-grade cotton​ you know and love: long-staple Egyptian cotton.

We’ve modified the honeycomb weave you’ve seen in our bathrobe by supersizing it and giving it deeper pockets to increase the surface area for drying. The result is a towel with minimal borders, that’s quick to soak up moisture and just as quick to release it.

The towels will be pre-washed and pre-shrunk to the maximum this time before they're even shipped out. This will ensure your towels will remain the same size you received them in wash after wash. 

We'll be offering the same color options as the bathrobe (Oatmeal and Charcoal) so they'll complement your bathroom quite nicely.

If you got the chance to try the original Casamera terry towel, you'll notice that this is a complete redesign with all-new features. It's lighter, dries quicker, and feels completely different on the texture side. 

There's plenty of reasons to love this new towel design and you can learn all about them by heading to the campaign page, watching the video, and grabbing one for yourself. Our Early Bird rewards are limited so make sure you reserve them now before things get crazy and we run out.

As a previous backer, you’ll get a FREE Hybrid towel added to your order automatically. We’ll drop it in your cart when the campaign ends so you don't have to worry about any additional next steps.

We've been working tirelessly on this project for the past year, and we're really excited to share it with you first. Thanks as always for your continued support, and please let me know if you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns and I'll happily address them.


-Omar + Soli

Care instructions, post-purchase survey and a new production run!
8 months ago – Fri, Oct 23, 2020 at 12:01:36 AM

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Rewards on the way + Washing Instructions!
9 months ago – Sun, Sep 20, 2020 at 11:45:27 PM

Hi all,  

Some of you have received the wonderful news that your bathrobes are on the way while some backers have already received them. 

If you received neither, then you'll have to wait a few more days until the tracking numbers are sent to your emails. There are thousands of orders going to 60+ countries but we're seeing things are going pretty smoothly and should have everything sent out by next week.

Some basic care instructions:

Once you receive your bathrobes, first try it on for fit. 

We washed and vacuum-sealed everything to ensure you can wear it straight out of the box. Please don't place your bathrobes in the wash before trying it on. 

Once it's ready to be washed, keep these 4 points mind:

 Now we originally planned to include these instructions in the packaging but someone forgot to print them out in time. The advantage is that probably ended up saving a good chunk of a lovely tree or two.

 OQYMH (Other Questions You May Have)

  • How should I wash the towels I ordered?

If you also ordered some towels along with your bathrobes, these will need to be washed before using them. The natural fibers come to life only after they've been washed and all the lint from the polishing is washed away. Wash the towels separately for the first few wash cycles the same way you typically wash your linens. After that wash them however you please.

  • Should I wash my bathrobes when I receive them?

You do not need to wash your bathrobes when you receive them. They're ready to wear right away because they've been pre-washed for you. 

  • Why do I need to air-dry my bathrobe instead of putting it in the dryer?

The ideal way to dry the bathrobes (and to ensure they don't shrink any further) simply lay them down flat to dry after taking them out of the wash. Because these are so breathable, it also makes them quick to dry so they won't take long at all to be bone-dry.

Alternatively, you can use low heat in the dryer and take it out while it's not too dry because the bathrobe is super absorbent and breathable, which means that it can easily become less awesome if it gets too hot and dries out.

  • Why haven't I received a tracking number yet?

Our warehouse team is working hard to get these out in a timely fashion, but we're humans and we need to take breaks and eat sustenance so please be patient while we're preparing your order. If you don't receive a tracking number by the end of next week please email us.

  • Can I still edit my order or shipping address?

You can still access your Backerkit link from the confirmation email you received to see if you're able to make any edits to your order. Once your order is locked, it means you won't be able to make any more changes. Reach out to us by email and we'll see what we can do for you.

  • What should I do with the packaging?

We don't like useless packaging around here because it can easily end up becoming pollution. That's why the only plastic used in the packaging is the one protecting your precious new bathrobe from the journey its been on. Please make sure to recycle everything else.

Shipping Progress: We're on the final stretch!
9 months ago – Fri, Sep 04, 2020 at 07:23:09 PM

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